'The lightest mobility scooter - period'

The ultimate in compact lightweight mobility
11.2 kilograms(24.6 pounds)complete with everything including the integrated charger and power cord
Folds up to a 30" X 6" x 6" package in less than a minute.
Samsung lithium cell 15.6 Ah battery w/PCM for a 8 mile/12.5 kilometer range



Manufactured from Carbon Fibre, 6061-t6 aluminum, and stainless steel the L-Trike weighs in at 11.2 kilos (24.6 lbs) complete. (Including the charging cord).

Lithium TRIKE

Li-ion 15.6ah battery with enough juice for 8 miles (12.5 kilometers) as well as charging your phone/device when you plug it in to the usb power interface.Travel Range varies by terrain, weight of rider and ambient temperature in accordance with ISO 7176-4:2008

Locomotion TRIKE

Make life easier when you need a little help to get the places you wish to; be it the store, the airport, or the theatre, this is the unit that allows you to go there and back again. On your own and when you want to.


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Simplistic, but not simple

We made the L-Trike as durable as it is attractive. Our major visual effort was to let the material express itself, without any paints or embellishments, and what you see is what it really is. The billet 6061-t6 aluminum-alloy (as used in aeronautical structures) chassis weighs only 1.5kg. This light but extremely strong structure was achieved by using a distributed pocket/rib chamber arrangement as defined by stringent CAE simulation during the design stages. The tractor unit uses billet 6061-t6 aluminum-alloy material in the upper and lower cross-members and the side rails. The front and rear covers for the electronics/battery areas are made from bi-directional weave carbon fibre/epoxy for its light weight, superior stiffness, and impact resistance.

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The bits that make it do things.

The left handlebar has the light and horn switch as well as the brake lever. The right hand has the throttle, forward/reverse switch, and battery status indicators. In the center you find the on switch and on the top are the two USB charging ports for your devices. (1 and 2 amp)



Two aircraft quick release pins and you are small

Small enough to fit in most car trunks without folding - But if you need to get smaller- with just the removal of two quick release pins the L-Trike folds to a 36"x8"x8" package. (Sorry but it will not fit airline cabin storage as that size has been restricted to 56 cm × 45 cm × 25 cm (approx. 22 in × 17.75 in × 9.85 due to security regulations.)

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Click the above photo for a 360 degree view


Just plug it in anywhere.

The L-Trike has a built in intelligent 3 amp charger that can take incoming power from 85 to 240 volts. The supplied power cord is standard North American and you can also use any PC power cord if you leave yours at home. We also supply a universal power adaptor that fits the plugs in over 150 countries. including: Europe, United Kingdom, United States, China, Japan, Australia, Spain, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Canada, Thailand,Philippines, Russia, France, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more..


NOT too cool for school.

Or, the office, mall, grocery store or boardwalk by the beach. Anywhere there's a hard surface on which to ride, the L-trike can go there. No need for any vehicle attachments like a lift or a special rack--the L-trike should easily fit into any car trunk or back seat and is light enough to be lifted by virtually anyone for transport.

The L-trike weighs under twenty-five pounds (complete--including battery) and can fold up to be about the size of an overnight suitcase..

Amazingly usable

Easy to fold and unfold; easy to carry, easy to load. No need for fear of falling off the L-trike--if one ever feels unbalanced (not likely since the L-trike has been engineered to be lightweight but perfectly balanced and strong), all you need to do is take your foot (or feet) off of the foot rests and put them on the ground (only inches below)..

Some Design features and caveats

The L-trike comes equipped with a comfortable and adjustable seat, a cell-phone charger, light, horn, leather pack which holds the charging cord and world wide power adaptor.

The L-trike is NOT for those who cannot put their feet on the ground while sitting on the L-trike or for anyone who is completely immobile, such as people who are confined to wheelchairs.

The L-trike IS for people who are still able to walk, but would prefer an easier (and faster) way to go longer distances or who plan to be moving around for extended lengths of time.

Designed and built in the USA

The L-trike was conceived, designed, and is built in Fallbrook, California. However the components and raw materials are sourced from the best qualified companies world wide. For instance the Li-Ion cells are made in Japan and then assembled in China to make our battery. The bauxite ore (makes the aluminum ingots that are used for the chassis) comes from tropical regions in Africa, Oceania and South America and the 6061 aluminum billets from this ore is made in Wenatchee, Washington. Electronic components come from Belgium, The UK, Spain, Japan, Lativia, Mexico, Canada, Denmark and South Korea. The carbon fibre components come from France, Mexico, China, Canada and the USA. The Neodymium rare-earth magnets in the brushless direct current motor come from China as they produce 95% of the rare earth elements required to make the magnets. Click here to see a listing of countries by individual component.

Operations Manual

Click here to download the Operations Manual in PDF format. Everything you need to know about the LTrike and how to use it.

Click here to get Adobe Reader


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Compact yet ergonomically correct

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Cognitive engineering with advanced machining techniques produce ultra-lighweight structural components.

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Going shopping, to the library, or just out having fun.


Ready to Go.

Folds up in less than 45 seconds.

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Go where you want, when you want, on your own.


FAQ & Warranty

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Lori - Test Pilot and instigator

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